Well this subject is slightly off camber, but it has some clout. I store a lot of food and goods in my garage. I am sure most of the individuals who also do the same don't have access to underground 'Man-Caves' or hidden bunkers nestled off in the Mt's. But, if you do, you might be experiencing an infestation of stink bugs. I noticed these bugs like to nestle in warmer spaces or voids around houses, caves, trees, bunkers, etc... I had an issue with them here at my place in SW Washington.

We live not far from town, but out enough that we have cougars and bears as neighbors. I have some very tall arborvitae's that give us some meaningful privacy around the property. The problem is that the stink bugs love some of these trees. When the sun comes out these bugs just have a hay-day warming themselves on our roof and siding or just anywhere on the house. They like to borrow themselves in these spaces, probably to survive, and come out when it warms up outside. Anyways, if you like me have these pests you probably want them gone. Well I did some minor research and found that DAWN soap kills them fast, not instant. I have a 1-gallon sprayer I fill w/water and about 1/2-3/4 cup of DAWN soap, then I go around and spray away. It doesn't take much solution to do the job. Just get them wet!!!

Well I was happy with the results, but I couldn't get the infestation under control. I decided to go with the big guns. I went and purchased a liquid fertilizer attachment that connects to my garden hose. It also had a removable tip, therefore I put my trigger nozzle on it. I filled it 1/2 full with DAWN soap and sprayed the trees, my roof, my siding, or anywhere where they were warming. I did this for a couple of days and it cut the bugs down by at least 80%. I figure I can't kill them all, but I can at least keep them under control.

A little tip, use a ladder to get the distance you need in the trees or roofline. And make sure your not spraying into your house or directly under the siding(lap). I also rinsed the areas on my house that I sprayed. The soap does leave a light colored residue, so rinsing keeps it clean!!

Good Luck you guys!!!:cool:
it will help to add some cayenne pepper to the mix also. they will avoid the area where you sprayed for a few days, baring rain.
The brown marmated stink bugs have invaded the West coast. Originally from China(of course) they are wreaking havoc on all types of agriculture and the threat of wiping out many of next years crops is real. I have had to deal with them in my greenhouse this year and they ruined most of my sweet peppers and then headed for the tomatoes. I have organic certification and can not use pesticides on them so hunting them down and killing them by hand was the best way to get rid of them. I have no idea how they got in this year but it's a real concern as the population of these nasty pests grows. I know of one farmer in Clark county that lost thousands this year and was completely unaware of the problem until it was too late. If they do manage to over run a lot of the crops next year, watch for sharp increases in prices of not only fresh vegetables but for things like wine and any other foods that use Northwest produce in them.
I am working with an IPM company that is trying to develop a predatory insect that will eat/kill them but they are not having much luck finding anything that works yet.

Box Elders pretty much suck to have over run your house but they don't cause any damage and typically come and go in cycles depending on weather.
We live on the edge of the forest and have a Box Elder Presence, not and infestation, but a presence. We get Lady bugs this time of year too. Thanks for the tip, I love using non toxic remedies.
I've been waging war on these little buggers for two years now. They invaded my crops in 2011, but now I think I've made a huge dent in the local population. Having a bunch of resident Cross Orb Weavers helps. I watched one rather large lady spider envenomate, immobilize and eventually disarticulate and devour a stink bug. It was satisfying hearing her crunch away on the exoskeleton.
I have also had good luck with eucalyptus castille soap.
Kill 'em all, I say.
The brown marmated stink bugs have invaded the West coast....

Those things are all over the place at and around my house. Always on the windows trying to get inside...bastages.

Stop Brown Marmorated Stink Bug -
They breed in cracks and crevises (box elders and stink bugs)The trick is to ID their origin.Remove their harborage (seal gaps,remove infested trees) and or treat areas with residual pesticide.The soap thing helps if you have a ton of free time you might put a dent in them. FYI most residual pesticides have restrictions on broadcast spraying.If you live in town your neighbors can cause problems.
They put them in tortillas and eat them in Mexico during festivals.
Consider them Protein, and they are free.

ref: Mondo Carne

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