Hello All,

I bought this used a few months ago wanting to use it for USPSA and IDPA. It needs to be a bushing barrel for IDPA so I bought a brand new Kart bushing barrel (from Shooters Connection $210) and everything else it needs to complete the job. The blue on the barrel is just Dykem, comes right off. Nothing has been fitted yet. It’ll prob cost $125 or so to have it fitted. I’ve just lost interest in the project.

It’s in great shape with a bit of holster wear. It has a Dawson fiber optic front sight and will ship in the factory box with 5 nine round and 2 ten round magazines. It runs absolutely 100%, no issues whatsoever.

Trades: I’m always willing to do some horse tradin’. Trades straight across or +/- cash are considered. Most interested in .22’s I can use for Speed Steel (TacSol X-Ring top of list), M&P 2.0 9mm no safety, AR rifles, semi auto shotguns, revolvers in .45 or 9mm...lots of ideas, lol.


C17BF458-F537-4CCB-8331-9A20E6760D6A.jpeg 370A063B-E9AF-448A-9D74-4EF078928765.jpeg 3544B8B9-5202-484C-BAD7-172F1CACAEB3.jpeg 345CA06B-3461-4692-8832-68B608BF947E.jpeg D91853BA-1EB4-4E32-A74F-98AF0DE340A8.jpeg

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