STI/Caspian .38 super IPSC open class race gun.

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    I have an STI/Caspian .38 Super IPSC race gun for sale. The gun is in great condition and the only reason I'm selling is that I no longer reload and can't afford the .38 Super diet.

    Here is the specifications...

    -Caspian upper
    -STI lower
    -8 Port STI compensator
    -Nowlin match barrel (believe it's a bull barrel)
    -Aimpoint Comp site
    -Lot of trick parts...super light trigger, ambi safety, etc..
    -1 140mm STI mag
    -Built by Tripp Inc

    The gun is in great condition with just a little wear. I think it's a perfect gun for someone wanting to get into IPSC without spending a lot of cash.

    I'm willing to trade or trade/cash (depending on the value) for a standard 1911 in .45. I really want a Colt series 70 in blued but I'm open to any 1911. My only requirements is that no stainless steel/chrome finishes and nothing with front slide serrations. It has to be .45 I will do a straight across trade for a new/barely used blued Colt 70 MK4 (one of the new versions). I would also consider a blued Colt Delta Elite in 10mm

    I'm located in Kenmore/Bothell area in Washington State. I have no idea on the value so throw any offer my way. I want to sell it fast so money talks. I'm hoping for around $1300 if no trades.

    Please PM me with any questions. Thanks a lot.

    Here is a pic....
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