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    I bought this from a friend that shot one year of ipsc with it and then moved to a different gun. Its a great gun, I just never use it! Here is what it is: The gun was built by STI, basically he sent them his series 80 colt gold cup national match slide and barrel... after that its all STI... They fit the frame and slide, put their trigger and hammer in the gun, put a 1 piece guide rod in the gun and a new bushing. On top of all the other little stuff they took the series 80 saftey out of the gun and did a trigger job to it. On my timney scale it measured 2.6lbs. I know the cell phone pics suck, but as you can see the slide has been polished and the gun comes with 5 14 round mags with bumpers. In one season of shooting he estimated about 2500 rounds down range. The gun is clean, functions extremely well, and is very accurate... It does show a little wear, but nothing major. As you can see in the picture the grip frame is missing its sti logos.

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