Steyr LP10 .177 Air Pistol for 10M Competition

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    This is like new - maybe put 500 pellets thru it.
    This has the large, right hand grip on it.
    Asking $1400 (new this is over $2000).

    First introduced in 2000, the LP10 has been used by top competition shooters to achieve the 2009 10 meter air pistol world record of 594, shot by Jin Jong-oh of South Korea, and various silver and gold medal wins in the Olympics, ISSF World Shooting Championships, and the World Cup.

    The pistol uses compressed air as propellant, with cylinders charged to 200 bar. A pressure reduction valve reduces and stabilizes the actual shooting air pressure to about 55 bar. Normal shooting capacity for the LP10 is about 170 shots per air charge.

    Distinctive to the LP10 is the stabilizing system, which uses a small tungsten piston to compensate for impulse movement of the pistol caused by firing. The LP10 also uses barrel ports and a muzzle brake to counteract muzzle rise and recoil.

    The LP10 air pistols have fully adjustable sights - the rear sight is adjustable for elevation and windage. Additionally, the depth of the rear notch is adjustable, as is the sight line length. The trigger is two-stage and can be adjusted for over-travel, first stage weight and travel, and second stage weight and sear engagement. The trigger mechanism can be dry fired.

    The LP10's anatomically shaped grip is made by Morini and has an adjustable palm shelf. Rake and rotation of the grip is adjustable with screws under the grip.

    Unlike most target air pistols, the LP 10 has a barrel shroud. Four 10 gram barrel weights also come with the gun.

    The LP10 comes in a polymer pistol carrying case with manuals, two pre-compressed air cylinders, pressure gauge, an air filling adapter, and tools.

    I will also include: 2 tins of pellets as well as a pellet shaker box.
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