Stevens County dog pack

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    Dangerous dogs: Stevens County Sheriff says ‘defend yourselves’

    While Evergreen State hunters are raising alarms about the possible impact of wolves on big game herds, residents of Stevens County have a more immediate threat, and it’s serious: roving dogs that have killed more than 100 animals in recent weeks..

    Dangerous dogs: Stevens County Sheriff says
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    Back when I was in High school, a buddy of mine had been hunting deer down by The Lake of the Ozarks and got attacked by a pack of wild dogs. They came at him so fast and he was so rattled he didn't even get a shot off at them. He just dropped his rifle and climbed the nearest tree he could. He said they kept him up there for almost half an hour before they finally went away. He reported it to the local Sheriff and she said the wild dogs were becoming a real problem. She told him to shoot any dog he saw in the woods unless it was with somebody even if it wasn't acting agressive at the time. She said some of the dogs were just fine when they were by themselves, but when they teamed up in a pack the pack mentality took over.

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