Stevens 311 shot guns purchased by North American Aviation's AI division maybe 1940s

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    I have heard that North American Aviation (N.A.A. inc.) had a Division "AI" which placed Steven's double barreled 12 ga shotguns in some of its planes maybe those in Africa during WW II. I have a Stevens 311A with a small brass plate screwed to the right of side of the stock about an inch from the butt plate. The inscription on the plate is in four lines. The first line in type about three times as large as the the lines is: "AI". The second line is a number, "321484". The third line is, "DIV OF" and the fourth line reads, "N.A.A. INC.". I assume the shotguns were placed there for the crew in case the plane went down. Does anyone have any information about this i.e. why it was done, when it was done and how many shotguns were placed in the aircraft?


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