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    Thinking back to the teachers you had in elementary or high school, you probably remember one or two who made learning fun and exciting. They likely inspired you and made you want to learn everything you could about whatever subject matter they taught. These naturally 'gifted' teachers are a rarity and should be appreciated when they are found.

    This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking a class from one such 'gifted' teacher. Steve Anderson ( made the trek from Atlanta, Georgia to Portland, Oregon to give a 2-day class to a group of nine students who were all eager to make improvements in their competition handgun skills. Steve did not disappoint and by the end of the weekend, every shooter in the class had made significant progress towards their goals of becoming a faster, more accurate shooter.

    Steve is the author of three books and probably the most famous (and vocal) proponent of dry fire practice for pistol shooters. Steve is a highly skilled shooter, holding the rank of Grand Master in USPSA. Just as important (and rare) is the skill he has as an instructor. The enthusiasm he brings to a class is contagious—you simply cannot help but get excited about every drill and exercise he presents in his class. He encourages his students and never berates them. He points out weaknesses in their skill set and then offers suggestions for improvement. He challenges his students to work hard and he tells it like it is: The only way to improve your performance is to purposefully practice every day.

    What make Steve different from every other instructor I have taken classes from is that you get the sense his own self-worth is completely tied to the success his students achieve. Each exercise he presents in class is run in a similar fashion: students are timed on the initial run of each exercise. After a few minutes of Steve explaining what 'tweaks' and adjustments can be made to improve their efficiency and speed, the exercises are run again. Steve critiques, offers advice and, most importantly, challenges and encourages each student to get better with each subsequent run. When they succeed there is much celebration. If the student plateaus, Steve simply reminds them that improvement will come with further practice. His enthusiasm never dwindles and with each successful run a student has, Steve's level of energy only seems to increase.

    The best teachers are the ones who inspire their students to work hard. I left this class more enthusiastic about practicing my shooting fundamentals than I have been in years. If you have the opportunity to take a class with Steve Anderson, you absolutely will not be disappointed--his talent as an instructor simply cannot be overstated.
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    I took a class from Steve earlier this year. I agree.

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