Stephen Pineau 21st Cenutry Gunfighter Training Class at WCA

Discussion in 'Education & Training' started by viperjody, Aug 25, 2013.

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    Posting this for my good buddy Stephen.

    "Only 5 spaces remain for Stephen Pineau / M3 Strategies 2-Day Defensive Handgun Course in Bellevue, Washington on Sept. 7th & 8th. The host, West Coast Armory, will have ammunition FOR SALE on site specifically for the class!! If you are not familiar with M3 Strategies or Stephens' training, you can read more here: Stephen Pineau / M3-Strategies

    All the course info INCLUDING the registration link can be found on the event page. Only 5 spaces are left so sign up ASAP!! "

    If you are not familiar with Stephen, check out this vid of him and Chris Costa together:
    21CG: Handgun Modifications with Chris Costa - YouTube
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    I'm familiar with who he is, and would attend if I were able. Some people have tried to criticize him because he's a young guy without a military or LE background who teaches defensive firearms use, but I've heard a lot of very strong shooters comment that the guy can shoot extremely well, and he has obviously co-instructed with some guys with serious resumes. I have zero doubt that his classes will be of great value for anyone who wants to get better at running a pistol.

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