STEN MK3 demil parts kit, bulgarian AK underfolder parts kits, hk mp5 & g3 / 91 flats

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    ok, so i bit off way more than i can chew.

    i have 2 of the apex milled bulgarian kits
    looks like this:

    they both come with yugo barrels.

    the sten is an MK3 with 'T' stock. no magazine, no barrel and receiver tube. The trigger group tabs are intact like they are supposed to be for a semi-auto conversion. These were originally 9MM guns but can be built in 7.62X25 with the proper additional parts.

    mp5 and g3 hk91 flats, unbent, still in the white.

    want to trade for:

    .308, 7.62x39, 22LR or 9mm stuff.

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