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For sale is off my main rifle, as I replaced it with a AN-PEQ15 before I got much chance to use it.

Nearly brand new Steiner CQBL laser pointer. This originally was developed for the HK MP7. It has a standard red laser and also an IR laser that you can run under nods. The IR laser is slaved to the visible so you don't need to zero twice.

It has a Unity Tactical hot button (picatinny rail version) as it's pressure switch, although I have the OEM steiner too still in the box.

The CQBL is on an Arisaka offset mount, attaches via mlok and the Arisaka mount for the hot button is also visible.

I'd trade for ammo (556 or 9), Gen5 Glock 17s with optics preferably, or high end gear. Any Russian or combloc military surplus would also be welcome. Cash is always king!

Screenshot_20210409-235020.png Screenshot_20210409-235013.png
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