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steel core 7.62 X39

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by slingshot1943, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. slingshot1943

    slingshot1943 salem or Well-Known Member

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    I was dissapointed that my son shot up most of two spam cans of steel core 7.62X39 years ago. I thought it was hard to come by some time after i bought it. I recently checked a lot of the wolf 7.62X39 I have and some 7.62 X54 from a milsurp spam can and the bullets all take a magnet. Seems like almost every commie bullet is steel core.
  2. pakrat57

    pakrat57 Reedsport Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    A lot of the commie ammo is steel jacketed so the magnet will stick to it regardless of the core.
  3. 56kninja

    56kninja Portland Member

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    Almost all the ammo I have come by for 7.62x39 is almost entirely steel.

    They don't say it, and it looks like copper. But it's just a copper washing over steel. If you want to see this, just take a knife to the bullet, cut into it a bit, you will see the steel.

    I actually did it myself. If I can find the camera I'll show you the pics.

    I'm not a fan of the copper washing because the stuff gets everywhere even though it's easy to clean. I pulled the the muzzle break off my AK, and somehow the copper had covered the threading! At first I was worried it was rust.. But I don't know how water would get in the threading either.