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Then you would be in the reloading component hunting game, which is worse than the 9mm hunting game ;). Good luck!

Folks should note, for there personal future reference only.

When ammunition prices are low and commonly available, components are as well.

Components are incredibly easy to stock up on and store.

Primers, the challenging component to find in EVERY SINGLE BLIGHT, are pretty light weight and do not take up much storage space. As in literally 10 thousand can be stored in the same footprint as one case of 9mm.

Reloading is not for everyone, however is a skill worth learning for everyone whom enjoys the shooting sports. Particularly handy for folks whom want to continue to enjoy the shooting sports as normal, DURING BLIGHTS.
I found that “deal“ while shopping for some new gun owners. I believe that we need to do all we can to support them and show them the positive side of gun culture. I will do anything I can do to keep them on our side of the fence. After 2020/Covid/Riots are over, I want them to have a positive view of guns and to VOTE!

I reload, and have been through this rodeo a few times. I’m looking forward to the next soft gun and ammo market to expand the pile(s)

During times like this, I tend to sell....I do the opposite of the populace;)
Seeing what people are willing to pay and knowing what i paid is making it really hard for me not to sell ammo. I just can't bring myself to do it though I don't want to have to look for it again in the future.


Sell it, other people need it now, you'll make them happy and get a good price, and take some of the heat off of Mfg. It's more than likely gonna come down if harris/Biden don't get elected.
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