stash of .308, over 300 rds.

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by judicator, Apr 28, 2010.

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    I was cleaning out the ammo cans today, and found a pile of .308 ammo that's no longer needed. Currently only interested in cash, but then again, that depends on what's offered...

    Nine 20-rd boxes of Silver Bear .308, 145 gr. FMJ - 180 rds.

    Two boxes of Federal XM762D, 149 Gr. FMJ 5 rds. used. - 35 rds.

    Two boxes, Remington Kleanbore, 180 gr. soft point - 40 rds.

    One box, Winchester super-x, 180 gr. soft point - 20 rds.

    One box, Federal Hi-shok, 150 gr. soft point - 20 rds.

    Mixed bag, SA surplus, silver bear, wolf - 45+ rds.

    Headstamp info available on request, FYI, the Kleanbore, Hi-shok, and super-x is pretty old, ammo looks good, but boxes are falling apart. One box has a sticker from "Seattle Sporting Goods" with $4.75 written on it. How long has it been since .308 sold for $5 a box?!!

    Anyway, over 340 rounds total, good quality .308, some of it having sentimental antique value, asking $175 for the lot. Will include ammo can with that price.

    ****AMMO IS SOLD****
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