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    This is contact information I learned to get help with cleaning up outdoor shooting sites on Washington State lands. If you would like to clean up sites in your area, there is help for materials and disposal through WA State Dept. of Natural Resources.

    Contact them at least 2 weeks prior to your event. Give them your date, time, location and description of your project. They will send you an electronic form to fill out that asks for who is the leader (your name), who is the sponsor (, and what is your group name ( Volunteers).

    Promote your event by starting a post on NWFA. Put up a 'Vote Box' at the top of your thread, and ask NWFA to post a link on the Pink Scroll Bar above. In your original post, clearly list the Date, Time, Location, Map link, and Details (Edit that original post as things change or update). You can also set up an Event Page on Facebook and post that link on your original NWFA post. (Others will link to the FB event and you'll have access to a tremendous network of potential volunteers). There are many other ways to promote your project, be creative. Remote parts of the state may not get many volunteers, however, you may be surprised at some who will travel the distance because they see the value in what you are doing.

    To qualify for help from DNR, your project must be open to the public. They will also post your project on their Volunteer calendar... DNR's Volunteer Calendar

    DNR also posts volunteer events on its blog | Facebook page | and Twitter feed.

    Who To Talk To About Becoming A Volunteer? DNR has volunteer coordinators located throughout the state, listed below by region:

    Your involvement with your state and in your local area is an important way to represent the firearms community and helping us to have a voice in keeping recreational target shooting open to the public.

    I will edit this post as I learn more information.
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