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I can't seem to find anything about a new movie on the Internet Movie Database.

I'm wondering if the YOUTUBE video is just a fan made thing. There are lots of those types of things on YOUTUBE.

I remember that show when I was a kid. It was great.


Space Battleship Yamato was just released in theaters a couple of weeks ago in Japan. There should be some official trailers out there somewhere
My name is Duff and I'm an anime geek :D
Star Blazers was one of the few things that made 6th-8th grades bearable! Ha, yes I'm over the trauma now... but cannot resist watching those vids y'all linked. So off I go...

*edit* RAD. I'll go see it when it crosses the pond over to here. And as my wife's company does karaoke for their holiday party, I'm callin' the VJ tomorrow to see if he has the theme song in his rig! WOOHOO! Did I mention I'm a geek :rolleyes:
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