Stanwood, WA - Sibling injures girl, 7, in accidental shooting

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    Sibling injures girl, 7, in accidental shooting in Stanwood | - Local news

    STANWOOD -- Snohomish County Sheriff's deputies are investigating what they believe is an accidental shooting Saturday afternoon involving the young children of a Marysville police officer.

    Stanwood police responded to a call at 3:25 p.m. Saturday in the 10200 block of Highway 532 near Stanwood City Hall, said Lt. Brent Speyer of the sheriff's office.

    Their initial investigation led them to believe that a child found a firearm in the vehicle where the child was sitting and then the child, whose age and sex have not released, apparently discharged the gun, striking a 7-year-old sister, Speyer said.

    The girl was transported to a local hospital, but on Saturday evening deputies were not able to release her medical condition, Speyer said.

    The children belong to a Marysville police officer and the vehicle involved in the incident also belongs to the Marysville officer, Speyer said.

    The parents of the children involved were nearby when the incident occurred, Speyer said.

    The Marysville Police Department, in a release, confirmed that the shooting involved the children of a Marysville Police Department employee.

    "At this time we are all extremely concerned for the well-being of one of our department family members,” said Police Chief Rick Smith. “Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family, especially his injured little girl.”

    The Stanwood Police Department requested that the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office investigate the incident. Detectives from the sheriff's Major Crimes Unit are investigating.
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    I can't say this would work 100% of the time, but I firmly believe that children as young as 5 should be taken out and given proper instruction on shooting and also to let them see what the results of a gun can be. My brother-in-law has 6 kids and they have all been instructed on shooting safety and have shot most of his weapons, including handguns. They do it enough that the mystery is no longer there and even they have some good sense when handling any weapon.

    My kids love to go out shooting and they handle our guns at home (with supervision) to continue them becoming familiar with correct handling and proper respect. Education and familiarity, in my mind, are something that actually HELPS avoid accidents because they know. Thinking that - "oh, I might give my kids ideas if I show them guns and let them shoot" probably is more dangerous than doing what I have done.
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    Apparently the shooting was fatal.

    I drove by the scene 10 minutes after it happened on my way home from work, not knowing what had occurred. Very tragic.

    Some of the comments posted on Komotv and King5 websites I found appalling. People have become so judgmental of others that they lose sight of the real issues at hand, that being a tragic loss for a family.

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