Stainless Savage 112 in .223; 26 in. very accurate, see targets!

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    Thanks to all who took the time to view this classified. TOG

    We would like to sell this fine shooting Savage 223 locally if possible. Stainless fluted 26 inch factory barrel. Heavy laminated stock, Sharp Shooter Supply trigger breaks at 2 lbs. 14 oz., with barely discernible movement before the break, and no detectable overtravel. These triggers are adjustable...
    I have two targets, one shot on 6/14/03 and one shot by my nephew on 7/30/12. The first one is four shots in .273 ctc. The second is 5 shots in .349, and four of the five are cut in one slightly ragged hole. During the intervening 10 years, the gun was shot around 1000 rounds, by my best estimate. The ONLY load used for anything other than some testing in 2003, is a 55 gr. Nosler ballistic tip at around 3150 fps. I have the chrono data recorded from the initial testing.

    You could look long and hard for a 223 that will out-shoot this one.

    NOTE: Not included in the rifle price, but available at the cost of components is 450 rounds of this same ammo. Load data available, of course.

    Leupold turn in base included with rifle.

    We are asking $600 for the rifle. Call me if you would like to see it: 541-953-7865.

    Located in Eugene. Prefer face to face, but if you feel like talking about shipping it, give me a call...

    Erics rifle stock.jpg

    Erics tgts.jpg

    Erics rifle barrel.jpg
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