Stainless H&K usp 40 cal with 357 sig conversion

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    This USP has had very few rounds through it (200 or less). It's a variant 1 DA/SA. It fires double action for the first shot and single action for every shot after. You can carry it cocked and locked though, because it has a manual safety. The safety will also decock the hammer to the half cock position. The date code is AB so its 2001 model.

    It will come with a conversion barrel so you can shoot .357 sig if you choose. I have the original gray H&K box, three mags a holster and double mag carrier. I also have about 200 rounds to throw in. 90 rounds are hornady xtp hollow point personal defense rounds in 357 sig and the rest is various plinking ammo and a couple mags worth of 40 cal personal defense hollow points.

    I am interested in trading for a 1911, preferably a 3 inch barrel ultra sized one. I have been looking to get a Thompson "Tommy gun" too. Located in central washington 30 minutes north of moses lake.

    I would sell the whole package face to face for $800. If you want me to mail the ammo and use an FFL for the pistol it will be $875.


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