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    Selling my Vestfriend XL Stab + blunt trauma protection vest.

    Selling for $90, retail is over $215!

    "Vestfriend has been in the industry for well over 10 years, Vestfriend Body Armor continues to provide light weight, low cost yet high quality and extremely effective impact resistant vests. Our vests are comprised of 100% North American materials and are Canadian made using heavy duty Cordura nylon outer carriers and 1/8" shatter proof polycarbonite armor plating.

    Ideal for protection against knives, needles, created weapons, kicks, punches and other impacts. The Vestfriend is engineered to provide ultimate protection while being much more comfortable than other armors offered on the market, thus making it the vest of choice for security,bouncers, corrections officers, service personnel,survivalists, preppers, search and rescue etc."

    VFL1.jpg VFL2.jpg

    6 piece armor front

    8 piece armor back

    Side protection plates

    Extremely durable

    Light weight (avg 2.75 lbs)

    Wearable under or over shirt

    Very comfortable

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