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Got a couple of repeats from the safe so it's time to move em along. I am in the Clackamas area and want to keep this FTF in that area. If you just gotta have either of these shipped it will add $50 to the price. That's what it costs me to get the local FFL to send em. Sorry. As to trade offers, SEND PICS with offers or I will not reply. I would be interested in single action autos(9mm especially) mostly. Might go for an HK USP in V1 and 9mm or 40S&W. I have no idea on total round counts on either gun but both work 100% for me and I can hit what I point em at :). 1st up
is a stainless steel Springfield Champion 45ACP. It wears VZ grips and comes with the box,still glowing night sights, holster,mag carrier, original grips and 2 mags. Looking for**Sold** $650 FTF. 2nd up is an old Ruger Single Six. Not positive but I think it is from 72 and it does have the transfer bar safety upgrade. This has blueing loss and scuffs here and there. It shoots great though. I replaced the cracked grips with a newer set and also it has a new front sight as the old one had been filed down a lot for some reason. It hits where you aim it now :) Comes as you see it with just the 22mag cylinder and the gun. **Sold**$275 FTF for the Ruger.

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That looks like a New Model and should say so on the frame. That would mean that it came with the transfer bar and wasn't sent back to Ruger for the update.
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