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I'm in the market for a 308 tactical. looking @ at either a 700 sps tactical or the 700 vtr. anybody have any input on either of these? Thanks and this forum rocks!
im kinda in the same boat as you looking for the 308. i would def go with the sps tactical. evrything rem says about the vtr makes sense but some of the reviews on other forums are less that stellar. You may also want to look at the savage 10 series tac rifles i am hearing alot of good about them also. Heck i may even try the mossberg night train 2 you can get those with a bipod and cheap scope for about $700 shipped. Only thing on those is the brake on em looks rediculous. But i have heard out of the box they shoot pretty darn nice. Good luck in your search just so many good 308's out there its hard to decide on one!
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