Springfield XDm 9mm (Traded)

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by Mountainrunner, May 1, 2010.

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  1. Mountainrunner

    Snohomish, WA

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    I have a like new Springfield XDm in 9mm with all the goodies it comes with.
    Box, holster, mag holder ect....
    It is the 4.5" model, all black with standard sights.
    About 75 rounds fired to date.
    IT also has 3 extra 19 round mags.
    The gun alone is $600.00
    With the extra mags 650.00

    I am looking for a .22 pistol in partial trade Walther, Sig or Ruger.
    Glock 17 or 26.
    Black remmington / mossberg shotgun with a 18-20" barrel.
    Thanks for looking.

    I will try to post pics latter
    In the Seattle area.
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