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I'm posting this for a buddy of mine with computer issues. Here's the story...

Once upon a time, there was this guy. This guy had an XD, and he really liked it. Then this guy met me and some other guys at a shooting class, and we brought him over to the dark side. Now this guy shoots Glocks, and he has a Mid Size XD45 that's collecting dust in his safe. He would like to sell this as a complete package for $500, or trade it for a Gen 3 or 4 Glock 23, a 30-30 lever gun, or a .30-06 hunting rifle.

Package includes:

XD45 - Approx 3-4K down the pipe, but well maintined, and with a fresh recoil spring. Standard Sights.
7 magazines - 5 10's, and 2 13's
Bianchi Leather OWB Holster
Kydex type OWB Holster
Original Box with: Springfield OWB holster, Dual Mag Holder, Mag Loader, and Lock

PM me with any questions or offers, and if it looks like it's worth passing on, I'll get you in touch with my buddy.

This XD lives in the Wilsonville area.



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