Springfield XD40 with Extras! - $465.00 or trade for revolver or??

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    I have a LNIB XD40 (not the SC or the Tactical...termed the "Service" now..) with:

    All factory accessories - loader, 2 mags, box, holster etc...
    Also includes a new NC Star Green Laser (nice piece...was pleasantly surprised...)
    100 rds of FMJ
    60 rds of PDX-1 JHP... (3) 20rd boxes
    50rds of Winchester JHP... (1) 50rd box

    Purchase entire package, including ammo and laser, for $470

    Looking for :

    Taurus Model 111 Gen 2 - like this one: Taurus International Manufacturing Inc Shot one this weekend....LOVE it...and ammo on your end...

    Open to ideas in 9mm. Prefer Compact of Subcompact. Revolvers in .38 Special and .357 mag

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