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So, when Obama got elected I had to buy a battle carbine so I bought the FAL. Thought it would be the bees knees but I've shot 2 or 3 mags through it and it just doesn't do it for me. Ergonomics just don't work for me and I have since decided the possibility of a folding stock isn't worth the money it would cost to convert it.

This is a SAR 48 Match, don't know if you could get them with the 18 inch barrel or not but this one has it. The buttstock is the same as all the other SAR 48s I have seen. I have the sight that came on it as well as the DSA A2 style that is on it now. It has a pair of bi pod cut synthetic handguards but I also have a pair of non cut synthetic handguards and metal style handguards for it.

So, here is what will come with the rifle...
SAR 48
DSA A2 style sight installed
original slider sight included.
Metal STG58 style handguards
Non bipod cut synthetic handguards
8 Steel 20 round mags and new DSA springs to go with them.
extra 21 inch barrel off another FAL I had. Has a perm attached brake you could could probably cut it down.
Extra bolt release and safety selector

I would like $1325 for everything OBO, I need to move this thing

PM or Email me any questions, email me for pictures.

JUST CLEANED out MY PMs, if you tried getting ahold of me over the weekend, I am sorry.
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Hey Bud,

I've got a couple of FALs for sale here on the board and what you have is a smoking deal. May I recommend you get some pics up and you may consider selling this on one of the national forums.

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