WTS/WTT OR Springfield M1A SOCOM16 Package

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    Springfield M1A SOCOM 16 with a full kit of accessories. Excellent condition, factory synthetic stock, has had a few hundred rounds through it with extensive cleaning after every shooting session.

    Asking $2100 for the whole package.

    What's included:
    Fulton Armory M14/M1A adjustable cheekrest (two holes are drilled in the stock to mount this)
    GMS Tactical Specter SOP 3-point sling
    Brownells Competitor Plus leather sling
    Sadlak Aluminum Front Rail w/QD post
    Harris Bipod (HBRMS, 6"-9" adjustable with swivel)
    Unknown brand and metal type M1A scope mount
    Vortex Pro 30MM low profile rings
    Vortex Viper HS 2.5-10x44 scope (includes sunshade, lens covers, box & manual)
    2 GI 20-round mags
    1 Check-Mate Industries 20-round mag
    1 Check-Mate Industries 25-round mag
    Double M14 Mag pouch (holds all four mags)
    M14/M1A ratcheting chamber brush
    M14/M1A gas cylinder wrench
    M14/M1A bolt roller greaser
    5 plastic .308 dummy rounds
    2 .308 snap caps
    .308 laser cartridge boresight
    Miscellaneous manuals, bags, and docs for some accessories
    A total of 492 7.62x51 NATO rounds:
    380 Federal XM80220 AC1 149 grain ball
    220 in unopened can
    160 remaining in unopened boxes in the opened can​
    40 Federal XM62F 146 grain tracers in unopened boxes
    72 Factory ammo, manufacturer and bullet weight unknown​

    Open to combinations of trades and cash. I'm looking for a Ruger 10/22 and Winchester 1873 in .357 mag.
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