WTS OR Springfield M1A Scout Squad $1500.00 (obo/NO TRADES)

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    For sale, Springfield Armory M1A Scout rifle with 3 magazines; 1x 10 round and 2x 20 round.

    Rifle is in almost pristine condition. I'm not sure why, but there was some duct tape put on the bolt on the front right. I removed it to see what was wrong and I did not see anything wrong. It may have been put there to smooth out the corner. Round count is unknown.

    I'm asking $1500 or best offer, no trades please as I am liquidating an estate. Buyer pays FFL transfer fees. There is a pawn shop close to me that only charges $20 per firearm and the $10 background check fee.

    2019-04-05 09.03.33.jpg
    2019-04-05 09.03.56.jpg 2019-04-05 09.04.01.jpg 2019-04-05 09.04.11.jpg 2019-04-05 09.04.22.jpg 2019-04-05 09.05.25.jpg 2019-04-05 09.00.44.jpg 2019-04-05 09.04.58.jpg
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