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Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by RangerEric, Jan 27, 2011.

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    Howdy all -

    I have up for sale or trade a stainless 5" Springfield Loaded 1911 in .45. Picked it up in trade awhile back, shoots great, but just doesn't float my boat for whatever reason. (I'm a Kimber fanboy.) Has box, paperwork, all the tools from the factory, two 7-round Springfield mags, Novak sights, the stock Springfield cocobolo grips, and the requisite idiot mark. (Had it when I got it, honest! The nice thing about stainless guns, however, is idiot marks can be polished out, I just haven't taken the time to do it.)

    Slide was not locking back with Wilson mags, so has an aftermarket Ed Brown Bulletproof slide stop, and now works 100% with Springfield, Kimber, and Wilson mags. Also has a stainless Ed Brown recoil spring plug that will be included with it, just needs a GI guide rod to replace the 2-piece full-length guide rod if so desired.

    Just received it back from Springfield because the trigger was a little gritty, and now has a *sweet* lightened trigger, feels better than my Kimber, a new plunger, a new fitted and tuned extractor, and a polished feed ramp, all courtesy of Springfield's awesome lifetime warranty.

    I would like to get $725 for the gun, or would be willing to trade it towards a non-stainless Kimber TLE Custom, Tactical Custom, or other 5" .45 Kimber, plus cash, ammo, or other treasures from me as needed.

    Pictures will follow shortly..! :s0155:

    Thanks - Eric
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    Do you have a picture? I have a Kimber that might like to live in Polk County if the Springfield can handle Benton......
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