Most of what I will be selling is my friends Dan's If you are interested in a serious offer, I can email you his contact number. The last computer he used was a commodore 64. :s0112:

He does not want any trades! He is selling to pay off some debt, cash only please.

Anyways, I took this pic, and have an approximate value on it from doing some searches. If you feel the price is out of line, by all means send me a pm with a offer.

Like new, shot only 10 rounds. $575/obo comes with 2 sets of grips
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:s0114: Do you have your FFL to sell guns for a third party? :s0114:

BATF has set regulations on the person applying for the license.

- Is 21 years or more of age:

- Is not prohibited from shipping, transporting, receiving or possessing firearms or ammunition;

- Has not willfully violated the GCA (Gun Control Act) or it's regulations;

- Has not willfully failed to disclosed material information or willfully made false statements concerning material facts in connection with his or her application;

BATF has set regulations on the premises here you conduct business under the license.

- Has premises (which in many cases can be your home) for conducting business or collecting for C&R; and the applicant certifies that:

1. The business to be conducted under the license is not prohibited by state or local law in the place where the licensed premise is located.

2. Within 30 days after the application is approved the business will comply with the requirements of state and local law applicable to the conduct of the business,

3. The business will not be conducted under the license until the requirements of state and local law applicable to the business have been met.

4. The applicant has sent or delivered a form to the chief law enforcement officer where the premises are located, notifying the officer that the applicant intends to apply for a license,

5. Secure gun storage or safety devices will be available at any place in which firearms are sold under the license to persons who are not licensees.

Washington (202) 648-8010 :s0131:

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