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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mutoman, Mar 8, 2009.

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    Disclaimer: this post is not about religion or in any way does it imply adversity from religion or its followers. I believe in God and he is may savior. That being said....

    I was pondering the plight of the gun owner today and how to get the word out that as a gun owner I am an alright guy. I don't belong to a gun club yet, for I have not found one which totally agrees with my beliefs.

    What would happen if we, as gun owners, would suit up every Wednesday, go out in groups of two, like many of the church parishioners, and do a door to door greeting of the general public. The conversation could go something like this:

    1."Hello, we are from the _____ Gun club, we are asking folks if they belong to a gun club and if they are believers in the right to bear arms."

    Recipient slams door in faces or show interest

    2."So Mr. or Mrs. _____ do you believe in the Second Amendment?"

    Recipient slams door in faces or answers yes or no. If no, go to 3.

    3."Do you own a gun?"

    Recipient slams door in faces or says yes or no. If no go to 5.

    4."Do you use your gun safely?"

    Recipient slams door in faces or says yes or no.

    5."Could we interest you in some pamphlets on safe gun use and some information on our gun club?"

    Recipient says no or takes information. If no, don't take no for an answer and neatly fold the pamphlets into the crack between the closed door and the door frame and leave.

    6."Thank you for your time, we are having a special pot-luck at our gun club this Saturday, we would really like to see your family there, please bring your guns and come and learn gun safety with us."

    Recipient slams door in faces or offers to show off gun collection.
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    You raise a good question - what's a PR strategy for making gun owners look like "good people", especially given the negative press we normally receive?

    I have to say that I'm generally hostile toward people coming to my door & I'm not sure a door-to-door campaign would work (it might in some places, but I'm not sure where). If someone came to my door talking about guns, I might be inclined to call the cops (thinking this was a ruse to case my house for theft).

    So, what are other strategies?

    There's a post on here (forget who is leading this effort) for gun owners to adopt-a-highway & pick up litter. I think it might be Washington Open Carry. Anything that shows gun owners are invested in the community and doing good things will be good PR.

    There are all sorts of community groups (boy scouts, little league, schools, etc.) who need money raised for them. Can a group of gun owners (be that a formal "club" or just a group of friends) make a donation to support these groups? Sort of like the Lions or Elks Clubs.

    I know some folks on here aren't crazy about the NRA, but they do good work around gun safety for kids. Is there an opportunity to volunteer your time to teach children about gun safety - be this at your church, school, cub scouts, etc? Maybe use the "Eddie Eagle" program as your guide?

    With today's tough times, food banks are in desperate need of support. Are there opportunities to collect food as part of a shooting event and donate to the local food bank? How about hunters donating meat from their hunt? (I'm not sure what the legality of this is)

    In general, anything that shows shooters/gun-advocates/hunters/pro-2a folks as supportive members of the community can have a positive affect on people's viewpoint.
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    Advertising would be great. A billboard on a major road would really get peoples attention. I am sure that there are enough people that would pitch in a few bucks to get this accomplished. Group Buy anyone???
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    That's a great idea, I visualize a group of people from all walks of life standing together holding their guns. The caption would read, "We're not the Bad Guys".

    "Brought to you by The Northwest Firearms Group, where firearm safety and the right to bear arms is a way of life."

    I'm sure that would get some attention and spark some interest.
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    Check into it. I would possibly be able to help a little.

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