Spots near Euguene

I'm looking for a few good shooting spots near Eugene. I used to live their and shot at McGowan/Shotgun Creek, but word is that it's getting harder to find places to shoot in that area. I dont need your secret shooting spot, just a decent place to plink with a backstop. Thanks.
No one replied in 6 months!? Does that mean there are no places in the Eugene area to shoot?
I used to shoot up McGowan Creek and so did everyone else in Lane County that owned a gun! I thought Shotgun Creek still had a place to shoot?
I believe people keep the best places to themselves because they don't want everyone going there, makes perfect sense.
Used to have the perfect swimming hole on Fall Creek, but then someone found it and it was ruined. Then they put in the dam and it was gone forever.
I shoot at the Baron's Den indoor range, but there is nothing like shooting outside. There has to be good places. May have to burn some gas this spring looking for places to shoot.
Up hwy 36 around triangle lake area; you pass the little market, go to top of hill with passing lane and there's a gravel road on your left beforethe road levels out and a right hander. Head up that and there's a few OK, but short spots.

Wolf Creek Rd- There's a few forest roads up there to explore. Again I haven't found too many good long range spots there, but lots of great spots for short plinking.
If you live in (or are going to be living in) Eugene you might want to check the Izaak Walton range, it's only $100 for a year long membership. Has a measured 25/50/100/200 yard rifle range and several pistol pits. The $8.33 per month saves me about that much a month in gas going to shoot, (Izaak Walton is 7 miles from my house while my favorite spot out Wolf Creek is about a 60 mile round trip), saves time, I always know when and where I'll be able to shoot. Plus everyone else there has SOME idea about gun safety and everyone is shooting in the same direction, and usually there is only one to three other people there so there's not a lot of stoppages.
Last time I was out Wolf Creek a Subaru ripped past where we shooting, then skidded to a stop about 50 yards past where we were and the four occupants jumped out (already locked and loaded) and started blasting in three different directions. I don't know if it's just my bad luck but it seems like this type of thing happens to me about 25% of the time.
Last time I was up McGowan creek, many years ago, near my favorite spot was a group of maybe 15 people. I won't be politically incorrect, so I will say they were of a persuasion of immigrant, great people in most cases. The problem was there were about 6 or 8 small kids running all around and many of the men were shooting in all directions. Scared me and I turned around and left quickly. I have gone shooting with "friends" that had poor safety habits and that can get really uncomfortable. If you can't do it safely and sober, you shouldn't be doing it at all.
Izaak Walton is great. Been a member there for a few years now and it's been my favorite rifle range since.

There's a few places past Veneta that I like, but the last few times i've been up there they've started to get trashed. I'm hesitant about posting them online for the uncaring masses to locate through a google search.
If you don't mind driving a few miles, we have a good range here in Oakridge (The Oakridge Gun Club). We have a small pistol range, archery range, trap area, & a rifle range, with covered benches & 25, 50 & 100 yard targets. Membership is $30 a year ($35 starting Jan. 1st 2012). When you buy your membership, you get a key to the gate, so you can come & go as you please & stay as long as you want. We also do not charge any range fees (membership dues only) If you are interested in becoming a member, the keys are sold at the A&W here in Oakridge.
You used to be able to shoot at the clearcut right off of wolf creek rd. However that has now been shut down. Most likely by idiots that us it as their dumping/shooting grounds. The last time I went there it was trashed. I have also been out to other clearcuts out that way for distance work, and have run into people that pull a move similar to what happened to cyclesarge.


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