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Sportsman's warehouse

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by larrycurran43, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. larrycurran43

    larrycurran43 vancouver New Member

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    I went into sportsman's warehouse 7 days ago and tried to purchase a Ruger 10\22 take down and a Henry golden boy chambered in .22 cal. Due to the recent panic, the system is bogged down with applications and I was delayed. Totally understandable. Today is day 7 and I know they can legally release them to me. I was told that it is company policy to not release until they get the approval. Is there anything I can do? Aside from not ever buying anything from them again? If this is a company policy, I would strongly advise anyone from buying from Sportsman's. With the current backlog, it could potently be months before an application is approved. I have a CCL and have bought 3 guns from Sportsman's in the last 8 months.Anyone have any advise? I guess I am just pissed and venting.
  2. SavageGerbil

    SavageGerbil Salem, OR Active Member

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    It depends on the situation, sometimes theres a lot of people in line and it takes up to an hour, if its days than you probably got a delay, sometimes it happens for seemingly no reason, my dad had to wait weeks to pick up his (ironically) 10/22, but it all got cleared up in the end
    I've bought plenty from Sportsman's and never had an issue
  3. bruzer

    bruzer Grants Pass, OR Well-Known Member

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    Welcome aboard. I find a heading out to the woods with the steel targets, a snack, water and a brick of .22's very relaxing and enjoyable. Keep the patience and soon you'll have another item to go bang bang with.
    Good luck, stay safe and may God bless us all,
  4. jluck

    jluck Really,Really, Close to Newport Oregon 97365 Voted #1 Member

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    WOW man! Take a deep breath.

    A delay has nothing to do with sportsman wharehouse or a system being "bogged down", OSP put a hold on your check, usually It's because your name or something on the application threw some sort or red flag.
  5. Nwcid

    Nwcid Yakima and N of Spokane Well-Known Member

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    I REALLY hope OSP had NOTHING to do with a gun sale in WA................
  6. theguncrank

    theguncrank Columbia County Active Member

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    I heard from one of my customers a week ago that he had been delayed on a Washington purchase. He was approved quickly by OSP, however.
  7. WhyteCheddar

    WhyteCheddar East of Moscow by the Willamette Well-Known Member

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    Bought a rifle in January from wholesale sports in Oregon. There were 15 or so folks standing there waiting for their background checks to clear. Clerk told me 'this might take a while'. My background check cleared in less than two minutes. He was astonished.
    Not sure why that was but I guess you never know how that process is going to flesh out. It's the government after all.
  8. ReZurex

    ReZurex Vancouver New Member

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    It's the FFL's option to release it, but their policy to wait.
    Aside from not doing business there, you really don't have anything else you can do.
  9. jluck

    jluck Really,Really, Close to Newport Oregon 97365 Voted #1 Member

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    Yea, some details overlooked when using the small screen of a smart phone, I'm sure with a tiny bit of intelligence most would figure out same logic applies WA.
    Op also does not mention what state he tried to purchase rifle. :thumbup:
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  10. rick benjamin

    rick benjamin USA, Or, Damascus Secure the drama Silver Supporter 2016 Volunteer

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    I bought an AR from "Gun Zone" last week.
    Mr Hampto said there were 9 applicants in the system ahead of me.
    Seemed like 10 to 20 minutes, then I was approved.
    Maybe a strategic conspiracy to make folks look around and buy more stuff!:O

    Same day, at Walmart Troutdale, clerk said generally no background check problem, but he did have an AR in the back room with someone else's name, awaiting background confirmation, was going on 30 days. Store policy "no approval, no gun".
  11. Skang

    Skang WA Well-Known Member

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    just wait, better than getting denied. ;)
  12. Cremator75

    Cremator75 Portland, OR Active Member

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    It's there "option" to release it or not after a certain amount of time. Its also your option to cancel the transaction and buy it somewhere else if they won't.
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  13. teflon97239

    teflon97239 Portland, OR Well-Known Member

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    A buddy of mine recently waited a month before his cleared. Different store. That's the first time I ever saw an approval take longer than a few minutes, but that was before this wave of stupidity in DC.
  14. quiet one

    quiet one woodland Member

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    I just bought a gun from them couple of weeks ago, went in Friday and they called me Monday to pick it up. The only thing I was surprised about is they didnt have any 9mm to put in it, very quick and easy for me