I was very disappointed to find out that they didn't have a single box of .22 rimfire cartridges in stock. They only thing they had that would fit into a .22 lr chamber was bird shot. Went down the street to Bi-Mart and they were well stocked.
Look for the guy in the wheelchair. He is the most helpful and doesn't have that "behind the gun counter" attitude. I once stood there for 10 min with money in hand while they swapped stories with a couple wanna be's. They have a good selection but won't order anything they don't carry. Ammo is average price. But for the most part the service behind the counter sucks.....probably because they deal with so many people who never intend to buy or have a ton of stupid questions.....they should still try a little harder because some of us are serious.
I stood at the gun counter waiting to be helped for a very long time while the clerk chatted it up with his customer/neighbor/friend, ignoring me--and I was there to buy. Finally I left. I went to Blackbird and BiMart. Both had the rifle I wanted, and for $20 less.

Sportsman're already in financial trouble, better get your act together or you'll be shutting your doors for good one of these days.
My family has purchased stuff from Cabelas way before Sportsmans Warehouse was here. On a recent trip on thereI was wearing my Cabelas Hat, and my daughter was wearing her Cabelas Hoodie and one of the employees there made a comment about us wearing Cabelas logo wear.

The comment was something like "Cabelas...seriously....why when we are here in town" we ignored the comment and continued on...but didnt buy anything that trip. I made a call the next day to complain to the manager and he apologizedhave only been in twice since then and one trp was to pick up a pistol..just a couple days ago.

I would prefer to support a local shopsince most have been here longer and have the same/better prices.

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