Sporterized mosin nagant m44 scout rifle 7.62x54r

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  1. irierider


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    Started life as a grunt m44 rifle, I knocked off the crazy heavy bay/FSB re blued the bare steel... got a monte carlo stock in real tree (might be mossy oak) to tame the massive round. blued the rear of the bolt/cocker and smoothed out the insides real well... If interested I could show you how to give it a nice trigger job.
    The mount is a older style (when I made ot the mosin market was slim to none) you could throw 40$ into a nicer one, but this one still holds zero and works fine.
    180$ for the bare rifle, or will throw in a scout long eye relief 3-9x zoom scope and hard case (lower end hard case) for 50$ more making a package deal of 230$ all you would need is rings, and for the 230 Ill dig up a few stripper clips full of ammo for you to get started with.
    scope has onlyone thing, it is missing the light up battery/turret, it got loose, stocped working so i removed it and put a piece of tape over the small hole...
    everything works great and can blow the crap out of 1 gallon bottles and soup cans at 100yds.. (i used to shoot them 100 feet in the air when they were full back when)
    ammo is about as cheap as it can get right now at well under 20cents per round

    bore is good, i shoot a lot of corrosive through my 5.45 AK and this is a breeze to clean, i tried to get a pic of the bore with my phone but you can see it has some shone, and if a bore is neglected it looks like a rusty pipe!

    located just east of the bridges going to downtown pdx

    pics from my outdoorstrader post
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    Still for sale? Have any pics?
  3. ZA_Survivalist

    AK's all day.

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    I sent you a PM, would like to know if its still for sale.

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