I talked to a Keizer Bi-mart employee today that is a cousin to the father of one of the Gonzaga students and :

Apartment is allegedly off campus but owned by the University-

Allegedly the rental agreement from the school states that no firearms are allowed on premises, which students claim they were never given copies of-

After initial discussions with police around 11:00 pm, students went to sleep. At 2:00 am campus security banged on the door, and when there was no answer they used their key to let themselves in. Immediately began searching the apartment for firearms and found the shotgun. Security went into the bedroom and seized Glock handgun and could not even figure out how to get it out of the holster.

Both students are on probation and have not had their firearms returned to them yet.

Guess the University would have rather had the intruder, who was later arrested for having multiple outstanding warrants, rob / injure / who knows what to the students than to have them defend themselves.

Her relative did have a conceal carry permit for the glock.

We are just one major incident away from you know who issuing an executive order of Martial Law and anybody at anytime could face this exact same scenario.....

In the Rental Agreement or not (having the guns), under what authority did campus security enter the apartment?

Same goes for taking the guns I would think.

About all Security could have done I think is knock and ask for said guns.

These kids need to push this whole issue, armed people illegally entering a dwelling, taking firearms, maybe some Police and DA action is also needed.

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