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Spingfield 1903 safety

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by wiese, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. wiese

    wiese NorCal New Member

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    I just acquired a sporterized Springfield 1903. The safety lever has extra clearance laterally, once the bolt is cycled, the safety lever must be pushed forward( a heavy 1/16th") to engage the safety up. Any help in tightening up this clearance would be greatly appreciated.

    On another note, am I safe to assume that the lower mag well follower is typically "crimped" to the flat mag spring. As this is also loose.

  2. MarkAd

    MarkAd Port Orchard Well-Known Member

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    Howdy from another victim of sporterizing.
    Some things to know about 1903's. Check you serial number against this list
    Prior to s/n 800,000 apporoximately there was heat treating issue. There are people who say don't shoot them. But
    i am of the opinion if you have a low s/n just run factory ammo and you will be pretty safe. I just read a very complete analysis of the whole issue and have decided that my 1903 will be safe with factory ammo only. It has a proven history of bringing down elk in Colorado and is a straight shooter.

    Now as to your issues
    I am confused by the terms you are using? "lower mag well follower is typically "crimped" to the flat mag spring"
    there is one follower, it is attached to the spring by an eye on the bottom of the follower. The spring attaches to the floor plate, see the linked diagram

    As to your Safety question: take it to a gunsmith and ask. I am not familiar enough with the rifle to answer that other that I doesn't sound right to me.
    Here is a link for a PDF of a M1903 manual,read it carefully.
    United States Rifle, Cal .30, Model 1903 Manual

    The 1903 is a wonderful rifle, and has some interesting features.
    Enjoy it
  3. wiese

    wiese NorCal New Member

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    After removing the scope mounts on this Sporterized 1903, reveals US Springfield Armory 1903 s/n 2170. No b.s. ! 2170.
    Action is chambered 30-06 barrel. Never plan on running any thing other than factory ammo.
    A new spring and follower solved that issue. It looks to have a timney buehler type safety device, I suspect a new internal nylon pin should tighten up the wiggle in the safety lever.
    Thanks for your initial reply.
  4. deadshot2

    deadshot2 NW Quadrant WA State Well-Known Member

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    Here is some information that might help you understand the "Low Serial Number" issue with 1903's.

    The key sentences are
    : "M1903 rifles made before February 1918 utilized receivers and bolts which were single heat-treated by a method that rendered some of them brittle and liable to fracture when fired, exposing the shooter to a risk of serious injury. It proved impossible to determine, without destructive testing, which receivers and bolts were so affected and therefore potentially dangerous.

    Contrary to using Factory ammo only, which I have found often pushes the limits of pressure, I would consider loading a low pressure round that just had enough speed to get the job at hand done. If you plan on hunting with this rifle, rather than shooting rounds that are capable of hitting targets with great impact at 500-600 yards, I'd consider using it for a 200-300 yard "Deer Rifle". 47grains of Winchester 748 powder with a 150 grain bullet gives one a nice low pressure round (<46,000 CUP which is considerably less than the max for this cartridge) that still travels near the original speed for the military round this rifle was designed for.

    With a serial no that low, it sounds like someone ruined a perfectly good collectible.