WTS/WTT OR Spike Tactical 9" 37 MM Launcher

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    Can Cannon and ST 9″ Side Loading Flare Launcher features the latest in design and manufacturing technology. Parts are CAD designed and CNC machined from solid billet material rather than the typical stamped and welded construction of other launchers. The 6061 and 7075 aircraft grade aluminum components are anodized in Type III Hardcoat black for maximum durability and ease of maintenance.

    Additional components are built from 1018 cold rolled steel and plated with a Mil-spec black oxide finish. The proprietary STZ push button cylindrical breech lock design is 3 times stronger than existing lever lock systems. The Havoc is designed to mount on any Mil-Spec rail system. Installation simply requires sliding the launcher onto the bottom rail of the hand guard and tightening two set screws which are included.

    Side-Swivel Breach Loading Design

    Push-button Breach Lock

    One-piece Tube & Grip

    Supports 5 3/4" USCG Munitions

    Compatible with 7" and longer rail systems

    Weight: 2lb 5oz
    comes with a ton of stuff to make your own firework and flares.

    Can Cannon by x products mounts to AR15 lower. Shoots full soda cans about 100 yards.
    My friends and I would shoot the cans like skeet. Great fun you have to be fast because they travel so fast. $600 for both. Trade glock 10mm semi auto hunting shot gun. 223 volt action rifle. Let me know what you got.

    Both for 45 /70 or things listed above
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    OK damn that would be fun!!!! GLWS

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