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    Ruger LCP (.380) w/ 1 mag, box, gun rug, factory and grip extension base plate, 20 rounds of .380 HP.

    $275 FTF in Van, WA or I can bring it to a PDX metro FFL of your choice

    I'm 2nd owner on this so I'm not sure on round count but my best guess is very low. There are no marks or signs of wear.

    Any Glock (prefer 9mm), Beretta 92 (or clone), AK, Saiga, 10mm ammo or ???; I can add up to $200 in cash and/or a tube fed .22 rifle.

    I have pictures on my phone so send me a number I can can text them over to you.

    SPF; I'll close the ad when I see the green of his cash ;)
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