SPF sale pending funds???? Really?

There is enough money and buyers out there. There is no need to offer SPF, cash talks pending funds walks! But this is the only country that I know of that you can buy guns on credit. Sorry if this is offensive to some out there but I learned real quik that when selling something it is always based on a first come bases, and that means cash in hand. If you don't have the money you shouldn't be out sending. That's a life lesson right there that many people in this world should learn. Again sorry if this is offensive, but I do practice what I preach.

Edit and explanation: this tread is not ment to be derogatory towards the SELLER, on the contrary it is only ment as advice from one seller to another. As stated In the first two sentences, making the point that there is no need to offer this to the buyer who does not have the money to buy. But there is a nagitive continuation to the rest of the paragraph but towards to BUYERS of items who don't have the sufficient funds to do so. In that you as a BUYER you shouldn't a be out there spending money you don't have, incurring unneeded debt and tieing up the Sellers item being sold so that you can have a "want" and not a "need", when the Seller may need to sell the item for a "need".
Thank you again for all the comments. :) have a great day and keep on shooting, that is if you can still afford or find the ammo. Hehe :)
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SPF is to let other perspective buyers know that the item is basically sold. There is a buyer, that person and the seller have agreed on a price, and a place to make the transaction happen. Pending something falling through, the item is sold. It has absolutely nothing to do with buying guns on credit. I, nor anyone I have ever dealt with on here, have ever thought that it was used to "hold" a guy for someone while they tried to find cash. Maybe I'm wrong, hopefully more folks will chime in here.


SPF in most cases means that the meet up has not occured yet and not that the first in line has to have time to get the money.
If you are referring to the ad I answered first and you posted a snide comment in, it was marked SPF until HE was available for a meetup because it was far far from meaning I didnt have the funds in hand.
You act like you've never seen a House For Sale sign with the *PENDING* sticker on it? Cash in hand does not override that transaction. Youre under no obligation to operate your own sales this way but talking trash other people is weird.

And furthermore, x2 my word is my bond. A deal is a deal. Period. Say I accept an offer for something im selling but then ten billion better offers come along: I would rather keep my word and feel like a schmuck for pricing my item too low than break my word and know that im a greedy lying snake.

Just sayin. . . .

I knew there was a reason I never wanted to ever buy, own, or drive a BMW.

It never had anything to do with the cars....just the drivers and the perception of the drivers, once again confirmed.
Back when I was riding motorcycles, I could always count on every other motorcycle rider I passed on the highway to wave, even the traffic cops. Every other motorcycle rider, that is, except for BMW riders...
Back when I was riding motorcycles, I could always count on every other motorcycle rider I passed on the highway to wave, even the traffic cops. Every other motorcycle rider, that is, except for BMW riders...
98% of the riders I have ever passed have waved regardless of the bike brand.
And my friends who drive BMW cars are as cool and down to earth as anyone I have ever known.
Bubblegums can ride/drive any make and model.
Wow... Nice post sir bmw... Pls dont give the rest of us a bad name...

It sounds like you are new to forums... It helps to become familiar with common practice before making a post that makes you look arrogant...

Just coz you have money doesnt mean you get first pick on anything...

If you have been around enough know that your word is worth more than cash... People are expected to turn down higher offers if a deal has been struck... This is not an auction

That kind of attitude is frowned upon here... This is a community, not your flea market...

Lots of people here have cash too...

If you decide to stay, please check the ego at the door...
Thank you for your comments. Most are very constructive, others a little hurtful but no hard feelings. This did came about as result of a sale that I was interested in. But the seller gave his word to someone else that he would sell the gun to them. The seller has been waiting for 4 days for the buyer to fulfill his end of the bargin and has tied up this honest man's gun and time. Thank you again for all the comments.


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