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Smith & Wesson
357 Magnum
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Do you want to own an adult gun, in an adult caliber? Tired of those plastic things posing as a firearms? Want to make your wheel gun friends jealous? Care to fire your weapon and not leave any casing evidence for after? If you answered "yes" to any of the above, you're in luck!

Up for sell my beloved Smith & Wesson 627 Performance Center, 8 shot revolver chambered in 357 mag/38spc. This wheel gun is equipped with a 5 inch barrel and an upgraded high-viz green sight out front. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the gun. It's beautiful, shoots soft, has never been "cowboy-ed" (ie. locks up tight) & has the best DA/SA trigger I've ever felt. I put exactly 96 rounds of *mostly* 38 Special through it (11 moon clips worth). It has always been cleaned and safe stored after any use. Sale/trade includes 50 rounds of 38 Special.

Sale / trade includes...
- Original factory Performace Center hard case
- 2 grips: 1 black hogue & 1 wood
- 24 moon clips (not mandatory for use, but handy for speedy reloading)
- 50 rounds of 38 Special ammo

No shipping, F2F transactions at any FFL within 30 min of Eugene/Springfield area, transfer fee on buyer. (we each cover our own, if a trade is worked out). Asking $1145, please PM all offers, thanks for looking, happy shooting.

Trade list below, +/- cash as needed..
Kimber K6S DCR
S&W 360PD
S&W 340PD
S&W 327PC
SIG 365xl w/ optic + ammo
SIG MPX Copperhead
SIG MCX Virtus
SIG Legion Models
Henry Big Boy X 357/44
New EasyJig Gen 3 + 80% lowers
AR10's, ideally in 308
Kimber Micro 9
CZ P-01
High end AR15's
Keltec KSG 12
New brass ammo in: 45-70, 308, 556 or 9mm defensive
1895/1894 Marlin Lever Action
Gold/Silver Bullion/Bars
Something interesting (not a fan of polymer guns unless heavily upgraded)

20201217_195258.jpg 20201217_195405.jpg 20201217_195332.jpg
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Feedback: 32 / 0 / 0
Hi, a kind member here noted an error in my post & understanding.. This is actually the 5 inch barrel, not the 4 inch (that was the pro model). Post has been updated.

Also, in the event anyone is curious, this is an "N Frame" revolver.

Thanks again for looking!
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