(SPF) LEFT HAND Savage 110 30-06 w/Bushnell 3-9X-40mm

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    For sale Savage 110 LEFT HAND 30-06 with Bushnell 3-9X-40mm scope. $325.00 FTF Shipping at cost + 10.00 for materials.

    EDIT: I noticed after the photos were taken that the mounts on the rifle were not made for the flat rear section of the receiver this model has so I am swapping the mount out for a proper weaver set of bases and Vortex rings. This will make a much better scope mount then the jerry rigged set up that was on it.

    This rifle was made in about 1998. Its been hunted. The scope has just been mounted and is not sighted in. The rifle came to me from my Nephew its past history is not known.

    There is some light rust and wear marks on the barrel (see photo) the stock shows a number of minor dings (again see the photo) it is a solid decent looking hunting rifle.

    I installed a Pachmyer decelerator pad on it. ($45.00 value)

    The scope is a Savage package deal Bushnell which was on my sons Savage 30-06 and it holds a POA and works well.

    Price is MORE then fair for a hard to find LEFT HAND 30-06.

    Looking for an outright sale but would trade for a Ruger LCP (w/2 mags) or LC9 in nice condition. Would also consider a Kel Tec P3-AT in black.

    PM me here and we can work out the details.

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