SPF: Kimber 82G .22LR Target Rifle

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by taroman, Jan 10, 2013.

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    SPF to Sharf.
    This is one of the last batch of "rusty" Kimbers from the CMP.
    Rust was a bit inside the bolt, I cleaned it up and replaced the cocking screw and striker spring.
    The stock had the usual razor cuts, so I re-did it with a matte "sanded in" finish.
    After cleaning off the Kimber applied "mud" the wood showed some figure, too.
    Have not fired it. The front sight inserts and manual are still in their sealed baggies.
    In the double CMP boxes with all the CMP paperwork.
    Bought this on a whim and now realize I have no real use for it.
    As CMP supports the shooting sports, am not looking to profit.
    Its for sale for exactly what I have into it: $470.00.
    Trades for interesting pre-lock S&W revolvers, + or - $$$ are always a possibility, and what I really prefer.
    FTF in the greater Salem area to Oregon residents with proper ID, CHL preferred.
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