Specialized FSR Enduro Sport (SHTF Vehicle)

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    Here's a basic rundown of some of the main parts. I believe the frame is a medium. $600, offers for trades are possible, prefer autos over revolvers.

    Fork - White Bros. Triple Crown Pro Forx DC118DH
    Shifters - Shimano Mega-9 trigger shifters
    Brake Levers - Avid 1.9L Speed Dials
    Brakes - Avid 2.0
    Front Derailleur - Shimano LX 3 speed
    Rear Derailleur - Shimano XT 9 speed
    Wheels - Triple wall 36 nipple laced to Shimano LX hubs
    Seat - Specialized Men's Body Geometry (has the cutout in the center to keep you from going numb) on a Ritchey seatpost
    Pedals - Shimano DX, they are a caged clipless pedal so you ride with regular shoes or bike shoes
    Rear Shock - Fox coil shock with adjustable travel

    This bike has a LizardSkin on the chainstay to keep the chain from chipping the clearcoat and paint off the frame. A Dampenator is mounted above the fork. When you hit something at high speed your wheel and handlebars jerk, the Dampenator reduces the jerk. The fenders in the picture are Specialized fenders that came with the bike. The grips on the bike are an inexpensive clamp on grip.

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