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    In 1989 when Halloween 4 came out the Spas 12 became my favorite all time weapon and I was also in high school. Years went by and I had a couple chances at buying a Spas 12. Needless to say I finally picked one up and I honestly dont feel the same as I did 21 years ago. Go figure.

    That being said I have to make room for another gun I am going to sample.

    So I have this 1989 push button safety, folding stock version. This is probably one of maybe 3 left in the US that is NIB. This version was banned in 1989 by George Bush Senior. This is the 8+1 version. Later a banned compliant model came out with a 5 round tube and fixed stock, that was banned by the Clinton Administration in 1994 and they were completely banned in 1999. So this is a rare shotgun.

    This was in Terminator, Halloween 4, and many other movies.

    I have the pricetag still on this shotgun.

    I will entertain offers over $1800. I am wanting at least $1800 cash firm. That may seem high as you could get them in the late 1970s and early 1980s for around $600. Keep in mind these are some of the SPAS 12s with the recalled safeties that I would not recommend buying. Remember this is not the LAW 12 or SAS 12.

    From time to time you will see these on in good condition with hundreds to thousands of rounds through them from $1000-$1275. Sometimes even with the bad safeties.

    Again, as with the guns I have sold before, I have no problem keeping this collectors item if it doesnt sell.

    I will throw in the following:

    Hogue Grip

    I will entertain trades plus cash or equal trades. All I can say is no.
    Guns I am looking for:

    Hk USP9 + cash
    LWRC 5.56

    Goto this video on youtube and fast forward to 5:00 minutes (let it play to 5:50) and see why as a teenager I really wanted this gun....Yes I counted Hollywoods 25 round magazine in the SPAS. lol

    YouTube - Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers Music Video - Blood Red


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    Fair price....
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