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So, I've always gone through phases where I have an intense interest in a particular clustering of firearms. (For that matter the same can said about many intellectual pursuits and other proclivities. The beloved calls them "the present intense interest".) This year has been marked by the lever-action. I've always liked them and "cut my teeth" on them as the first center-fire rifles back in the youthful days. Not sure where it will go, but thus far, it has been most felicitous to shoot the old ones and acquire new ones this year. The little, quiet one is the start of some delightful, off-beat fun. But, I digress.

That said, now that there is a pause in personal and business matters, I thought to inquire what spare to keep on hand? Other systems it is more obvious. With this one, less so, at least in my experience. I never really had a lever-gun fail me. There was one that required two trips back to the factory, but that was an anomaly. I do so love a technology that "just works".

So what parts would you keep on hand to keep them running? Just various springs and a firing pin? Other parts and for what systems? Thanks! :s0155:


I’m pretty certain you don’t need to stock up on anything when it comes to lever guns. It’s not like the cross bars or bolts go bad.

Maybe a magazine tube sling and follower.

Or a couple receiver extra screws as I’ve come close to losing one once on take down.

Maybe a firing pin or extractor.

Realistically, if it’s kept clean and oiled, shouldn’t need anything.
Thanks guys for the thoughts and to confirm my thinking that, well, I might be over thinking things.

Come to think of it .... the Savage 99 my wife's grandfather gave us dates to 1942 and it still runs like a top. The Winchester 94 in the battery dates to the late 1950s and it "just works." I remember in my sojourn in California I had an acquaintance that owned and shot an original Winchester 1873 in .44/40 WCF that he told me "had been in the family for a long time" and, as far as I could tell, and he knew, the only part that was replaced was the front sight with what appeared to be a small coin.

(shrug) There are the many delights in life. I am thinking lever-actions are one of those. :D



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