Spanish Mauser 1931

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    Hello everyone,

    I need some advice on where to take my Spanish Mauser. I'd like to turn it into a shooter that I can take hunting. It's labeled "Fabrica de Armas Oviedo 1931". It's chambered for 7x57mm and I would like to keep that caliber.

    Anyone have any experience with local gunsmiths in the salem portland area sporterizing mausers? It's not in original condition, someone already tried to sporterize it and messed with the stock, so it's defenitly not going to lose any value.

    I'd like to put a new stock on it and maybe have it re-blued, possibly a new trigger. I've seen some stocks online but I have no clue what model mauser this is, how can I tell the difference?

    This is just an old mauser that belonged to my wifes grandfather and I would like to keep it operational rather than have it hung on top of the mantle.

    Thank you

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