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Nice numbers matching FR8 Mauser. Has a Timney Trigger. Looking for something I can put a scope on.

Only trade I am interested in is a Remington 700 AAC-SD threaded model in 308.

I have a few hundred rounds of 308 that can go with it. Asking $600 for the rifle, $700 with about 225 rounds of brass case M80 spec 308.

The "Cetmeton" FR8 reconfigured rifle has a unique place in firearm history. As the Spanish began transitioning from the 8mm Bolt Action Mausers to Semi-Auto Cetme Rifles (HK G3 or HK 91). The new rifles were configured to use 7.62x51mm Nato cartridges. The Spanish began mass producing these new self loading rifles but has a surplus of Mausers. So what would any rational person do?… Put them together and create a hybrid beautiful masterpiece of course! Spain began rebuilding their old Mausers in their new cartridge and for training purposes began outfitting the Mausers with left over CETME parts. This is why the FR7 and 8 Mausers have the notorious CETME front sight and dial rear sight. But these training rifles were found to be too good for their simple task of transitioning soldiers to the new cartridge. These Mausers soon equipped to the Guardia Civil (National Police), reserve troopers, and anyone looking for a rifle but didn't need the newest shiniest piece of machinery. The FR8 saw service well into the 1980's until Spain adopted the 5.56 Nato. At that point the surplus of FR8's found their way being imported into the U.S. where they quickly became a loved and cherished firearm for gun enthusiasts everywhere with a commonly available cartridge.

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