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Southern Oregon Open Carry

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Videum, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. Videum

    Videum Medford, OR New Member

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    I just recently purchased my first handgun, its a Springfield XD-M 9mm 4.5" Bi-Tone :) I'm very pleased with it, as I'm sure i will be for quite some time. I am posting here to see if there are any other members of this site that live in southern oregon. I will be getting my CC card soon, and I'd like to have a couple friends in the area that strap the 2nd amendment to their belt ;) Also, its a huge responsibility to open carry, and I'd like to hear some tips from those who do.

    Si vis pacem, para bellum
  2. Rik

    Rik Beaverton Member

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    Just got my chl in June. My carry weapon is a XD-9 sub-compact. I also have a full size XD-9 that I have owned for a while that I am very happy with. I don't live at your end of the valley tho, I am in the shadow of the communist state of Portland...
    I pulled from amazon.com the book of Concealed Carry by Massad Ayoob. Name sounds like a terrorist, but I think is Jewish.. Was a good book for me as I was educating myself on the laws, implications, and also the mental attitude to go with exercising our 2nd amendment rights.
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  3. pokerace

    pokerace Newberg Well-Known Member

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    I would highly recomend Massad Ayoob books.They are a must read.
    If you do not have the right mind set your better off not carrying.
    I will also recomend Kevin Starrett's book understanding Oregon Gun Laws.
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  4. Benny503

    Benny503 Grants Pass Well-Known Member

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    go to opencarry forum and look up OR, there are a lot members does open carry in medford area. I have friends here in Grants Pass do open carry, personally I do carry concealed but I hang out with lots of open carry. You can check out Dutch Bros on 6th and D streets around 5-9PM, there are lots of open carry. You will be surprise a lot of old retirement military men come up and said "thank you for supporting 2nd ad"
  5. Gunner3456

    Gunner3456 Salem Well-Known Member

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    I live outside of Medford and I almost never see open carry. Can't remember the last time. It's legal most places so do as you wish. Expect to get questioned by small town LEOs occasionally.

    I do open carry on my place, and if I just need to run to the rural store I sometimes open carry but they know me.
  6. SteveInAshland

    SteveInAshland Ashland Oregon Member

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    Welcome to the fraternity,lol.

    Myself, I Open Carry 99% of the time for the last couple years, even tho I have a concealed permit, and mostly in southern Oregon / Medford.

    It's just as high a responsibility as concealed carry.

    In Medford, Jackson and Josephine counties You will not get any hassle from the police or sheriff.

    You "will" get a hassle if You are acting odd or putting yourself in a situation or place that you or any sane responsible person would not do, so gun or no gun, hidden or open, You should be were you do not place yourself in any unnecessary risk such as in a low life type bar or strip joint, in a dark alley late at night etc.... etc....

    Your ego must be monitored and in check, cause if you have a juvenile need attention because perhaps you didn't make the cut in the Army or your momma didn't give you any breast milk or your daddy never took you to the ball game then you will get attention from the public in general for OC and that is dangerous. and you will do us a dis-service by acting like a "mall cop".

    Ayoob is the man, his books are the bible of gun carry and how to stay our of prison ( not jail ) "prison".

    Your ego will get you in hot water-hurt -killed or in jail so conceal your ego and open carry your weapon not thee opposite.

    The public will "judge" you by the way you look and us Conservative or Libertarian bent types tend to be a bit iconoclastic and we are not wanting to look like the rest of the drones, but if you go a bit over board because your still in your "screw you pal" rebel faze and you look like an outlaw biker then expect to be treated like one.

    The virgin vanilla public doesn't know the difference between knuckle head Joe the biker and upstanding citizen, and shovel head Harry the felon on parole, except you are carrying a gun on your hip and they think You are "suspicious" so here comes the cops, so You get the attention you wanted but it's a "hassle" type attention.

    I guess what I am saying is conduct yourself like everyone is watching ( they are ) and You are representing us 2nd Am people ( you are )

    Me, I am clean cut "and" I am a biker, I got the best of both worlds :D I ride with a .45 on my hip and no one hassles me cause > I "look like a cop" it's psychology see and I use it in order to move around smooth and freely and have my way in this highly judgmental matrix we call the every day world and society. < that a BS I'm a geek drone , lol.:paranoid:

    The people who will judge you are almost every single person who sees that gun on your side , you will get "the look" the hand over the mouth whisper to the wife or husband as they both walk by you or spot you at Home Depot or SportsMan's whore house.

    You are now a "stand out", almost no one ever says anything directly to me, but when they do it is almost always "are you a cop" or " whats that for" < that last one is an odd question.

    Most of the questions or comments are out of curiosity , with a small number of "wow that is cool, I didn't know it was legal to do that", and a tiny smattering of snotty rhetorical questions from metro-sexual Marxists coffee shop slackers like (in a gay accent ) > Izz thaaat things necessarily" , lol.

    Technically: I HIGHLY recommend a security holster, either the Black Hawk level II S.E.R.P.A , or my own the Bianchi Ranger.

    Also Clint Smith ( YouTube him up ) Clint happens to live and teach only about 100 miles east of Medford at his Thunder Ranch, this guy has real world" combat experience, he is one of the worlds best teaching handgun and tactical rifle men , for the price of a new XD you can take his course.

    Hope this helps.
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  7. oregonshooter

    oregonshooter AMERICA Member

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    Open carry is on par with irresponsibility these days. You will be stopped and ID every time someone gets nervous around you and dials 911. I've lived in Medford for 12 years and have seen open carry (outside of hunting) once... a kid being checked by 3 Medford cops for walking down Main st. with a rifle at slung arms.

    Get your CHL and get some training. You will get more bang for the buck at Oregon Firearms Academy in Brownsville, OR. than the cost of a Thunder Ranch class BTW.
  8. Ben Beckerich

    Ben Beckerich NW Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    open carry in the general public is like putting a "kick me" sign on your own back in high school.

    know that you will be the center of attention, everywhere you go.
  9. Videum

    Videum Medford, OR New Member

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    I believe that part of the reason to open carry is to raise awareness that it is a God given right, and a God given responsibility, to protect yourself and those around you from harm. I definitely agree that it is a bold statement, but the entire demeanor of the individual that is open-carrying has a great degree of effect on the people around that person. To that effect, I pray I will NEVER have to shoot someone, but if that time comes, I will have tried all avenues before my 'red' trigger goes off.

    I now have my CHL, and plan on carrying my xdm-9 4.5" in an ankle holster, its a heavy sucker when fully loaded. When I do open carry I will be wearing clean well chosen clothing, most often dress slacks, dress shoes, and a button up shirt. I'm clean cut, have a trimmed gotee, and I try to exude an air of confidence and a sense of belonging wherever I go. I have thought about the implications on both sides of the open/concealed carry debate for quite a while. I really do appreciate the great advice, and I'm going to be getting the books mentioned soon. @steveinashland, thank you for your comprehensive reply, I will most likely be getting a serpa for open carry.

    As for being stopped by Officers, I welcome it, I am always pleased to meet members of the force, and I would love to develop a good reputation with them as a law-abiding supporter of the second amendment.

    Its late, I'm tired, I hope this all makes sense lol
  10. SteveInAshland

    SteveInAshland Ashland Oregon Member

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    RIGHT ON Brother, don't let anyone deter You from OC.

    The vast majority of cops are informed and positive about OC , and they tend to be very intuitive about who is an immature jerk who just wants attention even if its *negative attention from concerned cops who got a call from Joe citizen vs You a clean living American *positively asserting your God given right to K&BA.

    I wear OC open & obvious every day , day after day, week after week, month after month , year after year.

    I have come into contact with "dozens" of LEO's , casually by chance, also being pulled over for a very minor infraction such as burned out running light etc.... my contact includes Forest service law enforcement, OR Dept of Fish & Game, BLM ranger, OSP on the 5 freeway / Josephine county Sheriff, Jackson county Sheriff, Medford PD, Grants Pass PD, Rouge River PD, & Ashland PD, and not 1 single cop has given me any crap or hassle in any way, the ONLY comment I got a few times is "what kind of peace do You have?" as they are interested in guns and see my gun is not any run of the mill 1911, Glock or XD like most guy carry.

    My Marine buddy is also a full time OC and the only crap he got ever in so OR was from Rouge Community Collage so now he CC's on campus instead.

    Every time I hear about a "citizen" being hassled for OC, most of the time ( not always ) but most of the time you can "see" that 1) they have an attitude, a chip on their shoulder and an attitude that is the same attitude you seen in angry minorities who dressed like Snoop Dog the Folsom prison convict to get attention, so a lot of them are looking for a fight and want to be hassled so they can get the negative feedback to feed their anger and ego based judgmental-ism to feel validated.


    2) They dress and look "odd", pick your own term for this such as "out of the norm", a "rebellious", "shabby", "dirty" "trashy" "bubba" "un-kept" "hill Billly" "white trash" "slob" "sloth" "grungy" "wife beater" "Montana Militia wannabee " what ever the look , its the look that says > " I don't give a flying F , and F U Pal ,go ahead and stop me my lawyer will sue You and I have your job" all dressed up in the guise of an outraged American who is asserting their right to keep and bear. oh and their truck is usually beat to crap too and cops know that drunks usually have a vehicle with a lot of dents because of the obvious.

    Cops go with the obvious signs that this guy is not a god guy or up to no good.

    Here is what the cops think when they see Joe slob walking down the street with a Remington 870 complete with 00 bandoleer slung over their shoulder, the cops are as human as You and I they think > ( put Your self in this situation ) > " If U or I see this guy walking down the street wearing a Columbine high school shooters outfit complete with Doc Martin boon dockers, camo pants and Matrix movie set black leather duster jacket with a 12 ga or AR in hand and this "guy" asserting his right to K&BA is walking towards YOUR or my child on his or her tricycle !!! so what they **** are You going to do just sit in Your *** and watch this guy close the distance with Your child while you are on the porch reading the new issue of NRA magazine ??? "

    Your going to do what any "normal" person does when an Islamic fundamentalist wants to build a Mosk on you brothers grave your gonna jump off the porch and get between You and the A-hole who is asserting his right to "intimidate" the neighborhood as any normal person would do.

    So creeps use our rights to assert there own negative agenda, ( pervert what is right ) we normal peaceful people (cops included ) need to keep on top of them so they don't act like us in order to destroy us and what others have given their lives to establish.

    There are jerk hunters, jerk gun owners and jerk cops, every were you go there is the same jerk with a different face, or uniform, like Glenn Beck says > "keep your cool"

    DISCLAIMER: I am NOT dissing on anyone here, I am only speaking about my real life experience & observations I am not commenting on any poster or replies here.
  11. gimpyhunter

    gimpyhunter K-Falls Oregon Member

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    Here, here! Few people make an issue when I open carry simply because: 1) I have a few hundred acres of land. I work it with my weapon on my side. I need something in town, I go and get it. I am not trying to make a statement. I am not trying to push my rights on anyone. I am simply working and living my life. I have only had one person mention the sidearm on my hip. That was in the auto parts store.

    On the other hand, if I were parading down the street "just to make a statement," I'll bet I'd get all kinds of attention. I have never had LEO make it an issue even when I walk into their station. I personally don't tell anyone I am carrying. Open or concealed, I don't make it an issue. I have only been stopped once. He didn't ask, I didn't tell. Open carry or concealed, Leatherman on the left and my holster on the right. Left boot on, right boot on.