Sotomayor ("the sodomizer")???

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    Someone recently posted a note referring to Justice Sotomayor as "the sodomizer". I thought that was odd and didn't know what it meant. So I googled the two words and came up with the link below. Does the thread linked below reflect the views of anti-Sotomayor people around here? Just curious.
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    It's a anti Christian/Atheist site, sorta a "hate site" that's waaay left of right.........


    The site was created by Chris Harper,[2] who obtained his Master's Degree in English Literature from George Mason University in 1993 after being expelled from Liberty University (founded by Jerry Falwell) in 1989 for producing a satirical radio show which Liberty's administration found offensive.[3] Harper frequently appears at atheist conventions playing the character of "Pastor Deacon Fred Smith".[4] The website is owned by a company called Americhrist, Ltd.

    [edit] Description

    The fictional Landover Baptist Church is a parody of fundamentalist, Independent Baptist churches and Biblical literalism. The church is supposedly located on a 35-acre (140,000 m2) campus in Freehold. The fictitious church grants all authority to its Pastor Deacon Fred Smith, in accordance with its interpretation of Romans 13.

    The church claims to have 28 paid pastors, 412 full time staff members, 11 fully-equipped chapels, 7 sanctuaries, a 100,000 seat amphitheater, 12 television studios, 2 radio stations, an academy, a university, 2 gated communities, 27 developments, 3 office parks, as well as a shopping mall, amusement park, golf course, retirement community, foundation, fire and police department, circus camp, resort center, retreat center, and a number of fitness centers, swimming pools, hot springs, and cemeteries.
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